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Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.  My name is Tamara Andersen and I am the owner of Sugar Tree Company as well as its principal designer.  Sugar Tree started as a tiny grain of an idea when people would say, "Do what you love," or, "Find your passion..."  I graduated as a Graphic Artist from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton in 1994 and worked solely in the industry until 2006 when I had my second child.  Like many women, I wanted the flexibility to still use my professional training  in a way that let me raise my children.  

From the time I was a little girl, I was enchanted by flowers.  Their smell, their brilliance and most importantly, the way they draw emotions from people.  It's amazing what a single bloom can do for someone; from expressing the greatest joy to the most hearfelt sympathy, flowers speak the language of nature.  

While I was on maternity leave I began offering to arrange flowers for small family gatherings, that grew to doing some custom orders around Christmas and Easter.  The people who were always brutally honest (and my most honest critics!) kept commenting that I should consider starting a business.  Maybe they were onto something!  In 2012 I took the leap of faith and transitioned into floral design.  I graduated with 'Highest honors'  from floral design school and threw myself into designing my first wedding florals a week after graduation.  Since that time, I have continuously pursued higher levels of education and mentoring through floral design schools all over the world. 

My philosophy is simple:  Every person deserves to speak the language of flowers.  Whether it is the thrill of imagining your dream bouquet for your wedding or relaying heartfelt sympathy to a loved one in mourning, flowers lift spirits, fire imagination and make us pause to admire the simplicity and purity that nature offers us.  I like to think that I combine my natural artistic flair with the principles of design that I was trained in to end up with a product that is not only superior in quality but also in imagination and flair.    


St. Albert, Alberta





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