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Flowers play an integral part in setting the mood and ambience for your Big Day.  Whether you are the type of bride who is simply looking for an idea about where to start with regards to your theme, budget and seasonal constraints, or the type of bride who knows exactly what she wants down to the last bud, it would be my pleasure to work with you to bring your wedding day visions to life!  



Where to begin....

If you have just begun the many hours of planning and organizing that will go into creating your big day then you have probably already considered the importance of your flowers.  There are many considerations to take into account while planning your weddng florals;  What is your color palette and theme?  How large is your wedding venue and what restrictions, if any, do they impose?  What is your budget? Are there seasonal restrictions that you need to take into account? ~ I am more than happy to tackle each and every issue with you and would like to offer you the following pages to help guide you through the beginning stages of your floral planning. 

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