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Romantic Blushes 

From the softest shell tone to the striking appeal of a sunset coral, blushes are an eternal favourite for brides. 

Crisp and Modern

Crisp contrasting colors and modern twists make these bouquets an elegant compliment to a wedding.

Dramatic and Breathtaking

These bouquets were all created with the deep, rich hues of burgundy, red or eggplant at their heart. 

A Little Bit of Whimsy

One of my favourite things when curating a pallette for a wedding couple...  Adding a little (or a lot!) of whimsy through color and texture to reflect the wonderfully unique wedding couple!

Delicate and Wonderful

Every bouquet is a unique reflection of the bride who carries it.  Each of these bouquets was created in collaboration with a bride who had a specific idea of her dream bouquet.  

All photos on this page are used with the authority of the person/persons who purchased them.  

Photo Credits to:

Carissa Marie Photography

Redwagon Photography

Elegance Photography

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